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Lunch Box decals

Lunch Box decals

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The perfect addition to a lunchbox! 

Each one comes with an image and a name.  Adding that bit of personalisation to your little ones lunchbox. 

These decals come with a Max measurement of 15cm width or hight.  

There is a maximum character limit of 12 characters per name, this is to make sure the name fits and isn't too distorted. 

Decal application:

Make sure the chosen surface is smooth and has been cleaned with the supplied Isopropyl Alcohol wipes

Your decal will come ready for you to apply, you will see three layers,  there is a clear plastic top (Transfer tap) the decal itself and then the paper backing sheet. 

How to apply:

  1. Peel baking paper off the decal
  2. Apply decal to the prepared surface
  3. Using a credit/debit card smooth the decal onto the surface
  4. Slowly peel back the plastic transfer tape layer.  If the decal lifts, press the transfer layer back down and run the card over the spot again.
  5. Leave the decal to cure for 24-48 hours before washing.  This gives the vinyl time to adhere properly to the surface making it last longer.
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